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Act for the satisfaction of our customers. At the heart of strategic priorities, Quality is part of the company's genes and covers a very wide range of areas, functions and levels of responsibility. Dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, our quality teams act daily to improve the experience offered by our products and services.


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Job offers in Quality


The main jobs in the field of quality

Quality is one of the highest values ​​of Michelin. This value, shared by all, requires collective work in a spirit of continuous improvement to preserve customer loyalty while anticipating difficulties.


Responsible definition method

Provides for the obtaining function, models adapted industrial products.
Develops the associated repositories in compliance with the rules of the Technical Department.
Analyzes the global repositories (standards, specifications) and adapts them locally except guarantee methods.

Quality technician

Ensures the operating conditions of the manufacturing process that enable production by providing a sufficient level of guarantee for the finished product.
Improves workshop quality in relation to the industrialization function. Ensures steering and continuous progress.

Quality Assurance Manager Activity

Guarantees the quality of the products delivered by the activity and the processes that contribute to it.
Ensures the efficiency and durability of the Quality system.

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