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How does Michelin use cookies

1. What are cookies?

A cookies is a text file, a piece of code or an element of software that stores information concerning your browsing history and the Internet connections from your IP. Cookies are controlled by your web browser and may have a unique and randomly assigned identifier. Cookies can be read, edited or deleted.

2. Why does Michelin use Cookies?

Michelin is constantly looking for new ways of improving its websites in order to provide internet users with better services and user experience. Therefore, Michelin uses different types of cookies indicated below, some of which may require the user’s prior consent (advertising cookies) before being installed on the user’s device.

3. How does Michelin inform you about the cookies it uses?

When you first enter Michelin’s career website,, the link in footer will redirect you to a page with all the information about the cookies used by Michelin’s website and installed on your device.

 In any case, you are in control of those cookies so you can block them or delete them.

Cookies settings
Required cookies

polityka dotycząca cookies pl

Advertising cookies

cookies reklamowe pl

Statistical cookies

cookies statystyczne pl


cookies mediów społecznościowych pl

More about cookies here:

Double ClickXiti Analytics
3rd Party Link

4. How to refuse installation of cookies and/or delete them?

a. On a PC

You can delete cookies in two ways.

Apple Safari Browser: Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and other site data (choose one option).

Google Chrome Browser: Settings > More tools > Privacy and security > Content settings > Cookies > Cookies and site data (choose one option).

Internet Explorer Browser: Tools > Security > Delete browsing history > Cookies and site data (choose one option).

Mozilla Firefox Browser: Tools > Options > Privacy and security > Cookies and site data > Delete individual cookies.

Windows Menu > Computer > Local disc C: > Windows folder

Open Temp folder and mark all the files (press together CTRL + A)

Choose: Delete

You can also have your Internet browser block cookies or display warning for all installations of cookies on your computer. The settings depend on the kind of browser you are using. You can find the instructions regarding cookies in the “Help” section of the menu. Browser settings are stored independently on each device that you use to access Michelin website.

b. On a smartphone or tablet

You can uninstall or delete the cookies in the following way:

Deleting or refusing cookies used on the Michelin websites might hinder the access and orderly functioning of these websites

5. What types of cookies does Michelin use?

Depending on the cookies’ atributes and the web browser’s settings cookies may be temporary, and be stored only as long as your web browsing session lasts or permanent, which are stored for a longer period of time. There are many different types of cookies, which can be divided into four categories defined below.

Cookie Privacy

To watch this Youtube video : Accept all Purposes related to Youtube (consider you have to accept all except Geolocation) + Accept Youtube partner

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